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The cube is almost ready for fish... As I was setting this up 2 weeks ago I used the wrong glue. It leaked into the water and settled on the glass. I was pretty pissed with myself and tried to ignore it as long as I could, but this weekend I emptied the whole thing out and cleaned the glue off, left it overnight and put it all back together yesterday (Sunday). The setup:

Waterbox 20 gallon all-in-one cube
Hygger mini glass heater
Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 return pump
Fluval Fresh and Plant 3.0 light ( 9 hours of light time)
CO2Art Pro Elite regulator w/ solenoid & bubble counter
CO2Art nano diffuser

Fluval Plant & Shrimp Statum substrate
Oak wood found locally (Lake Superior driftwood)
Seiryu stone
Alter cones
Jackfruit leaves

Plants (Note most of these plants came from members here! Thank you all!)
Alternanthera Reinikii variegated
Alternanthera Reinikii mini
Anubius Nana
Anubius Nana Petite
Bucephalandra (unknown type)
Cryotocoryne Barclaya
Cryptocoryne Nurrii Rosen Maiden
Cryptocoryne Balanse

I'm planning on moving those "roots" sticking up in the left hand corner. I just put them in to remind myself to not forget those. I'm also adding more anubius nana and nana petite from other tanks I currently have. I'll also add Christmas moss to the root going to the right corner. I'll mostly cover that if I can. I have plenty and it grows fast. More leaf litter and some pods are on their way. Then I'll also double the ceramic and plastic media I have tucked in the back. There's room and I'll have heavy media with a light stocking load. It should work well.

Fish.... I'm not sure. I was thinking Apistograma Cacatuoides, but I've just learned about Bolivian Rams and my gf was liking those a little better. I may be able to source the rams locally whereas the Apistos I'd have to drive 2 and a half hours one way to get those, but I know they are in stock there. I'm open to suggestions!

EDIT: Better photo
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