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So I've a Fluval Roma 200, running for about six months, moderately planted, and pretty heavily filtered by an external cannister filter (allpondsolutions 1000EF), and two internal filters (both eheim biopower 160).

Until today it was stocked with:

6 X Boesemani Rainbowfish
5 X Adult Guppies (and approx 10 fry)
6 X Otos
1 X Bristlenose Pleco
2 X Zebra Nerite Snails

Which was all fine and good, until a family member decided that they were going to sell their own tank and flush all their fish 😑
Needless to say, I made a rash decision and took the fish on...

They are:

3 X Mollies (one male, two female. Lyretail variety, I think)
8 X Guppies (some have shredded fins 😔)
2 X Golden Wonder Killifish (one male, one female)

I don't have any other tanks (well, other than a tiny shrimp tank, and they're not going in there), and no other options, so they're in my 200 litre tank. It looks very... busy now, and I have to imagine that I'm overstocked. I checked aqadvisor, and it says I'm at 140% stock capacity, which - I know it doesn't take plants into account, but still 😬

I'm also worried about compatibility, regarding the Killifish in particular, but at the same time, I'd like to keep and rehabilitate as many of these fish as possible. They all have red gills, and as I already mentioned, the guppies have shredded fins (maybe finrot?)
I'm treating the tank for parasites and other diseases with eSHa 2000 and GDEX, just in case.

So, I guess my question is, how badly am I overstocked? And am I looking at a future disaster, compatibility-wise?


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Quite overstocked... If you're going to attempt this I would suggest frosted or darkened breeder boxes to give the guppies with fin rot a chance to heal. Very frequent water changes (30%-60% whenever you register any ammonia) and daily parameter monitoring until you can get them healthy again. Hopefully they aren't carrying disease and will bounce back without infecting your established residents.

I tend to push stock limits and make up for it by doing more frequent water changes when I go over. That being said I'd personally be seeing if I could line somebody up to take them from me, just in case, while attempting this rehab mission. I wish you the best of luck!!
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