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This place needs some more Wisconsin ppl in it. Anyways the goodies.....
Rated accordingly
1-5=5 being Best Fish for Price
A-C=A being Best For plants,B some plants or semi bad health,C no plants or DEAD!!!!

The Fish Factory 92nd and Oklahoma 5-C
Milwaukee: This store has Flip Thursday. They flick a coin and if you call it correct they give you 50% off. Kind of nice deal. If you miss call it it is only 25%. Of course most of their fish line up is in the 15% above average price range.Also this store is known for having dyed and tattooed fish. On the other hand they do have Sting Rays in on the regular bases usually 89-129.00

Fish n' Things 5869 S Packard Ave 5-B
(Cudahy)Milwaukee South-East: This store is a true mom and pop shop. They have some of the best prices around and a very informed personal. Best price on Feeders and wide range of Saltwater fish. They have always since the first day I walked in the door had a Crab Tank. You can not beat that. They also have Blood Parrots that are rather hard to find at times. Their plant selection is weak at best but fish are received every Friday and they don't have a problem getting special fish in for customers. Trades Accepted.

Hoffers 76th north of Good Hope rd. 4-A
Milwaukee North-West: This is the place for plants hands down. They have a very knowledgeable staff. Joe is great at fish but can be a real @**. They are under staffed but when you find something you want it will be at a fair price. Biggest selection of Gold fish and koi's. Not to mention Cichlids. They do not support or carry Hybrid fish as Blood Parrots.

Aquatics Unlimited HWY 100 North of Beloit rd. 3-A
Milwaukee South-West: This store has the second largest Cichlid tanks in town. They have a ok selection of plants. Their staff depending on who you get is either very knowledgeable or fair. They carry NEW LIFE SPECTRUM products that is a big +. They also have on the regular a stock of Koi's. Tons of young fish if you want the experience of watching them grow. price a little stiff on hardware but fish about average. Note, they take fish for store credit but make sure you know what you are taking, they will give you 2.00 if they can't figure it out.

Petco 4950 S 76th St 4-C
Milwaukee South-West: This is obvious a chain store but they have some of the cleanest tanks I have seen. They also are known to have odd ball fish in stock once in a while. They have decent price and they have now turned about 8 tanks to Saltwater so if this your cup of tea they may be some where to look.No plants and don't expect to much info....

Petworld South, hwy 100 north of Oklahoma. 1-C
Milwaukee South-West: If your looking for fish or plants just keep on going.

Petworld South ,5415 S 27th St 4-C
Milwaukee South:This Petworld is stocked to the rim with fish. Plants are none but fish selection is good and their saltwater is close to any other on this side of town. They have an awsome selection of everything. They do sell hybrids and painted fish. They also have a knowlagdgeable staff. Keep an eye out on their Clearance section in middle of their tank room. Just 2 shelfs but that is more then another place I have seen. We all know every facet of this hobby is expensive;)

Aquatic Displays, 7544 W Oklahoma Ave 2-C
Milwaukee South: The lady as someone stated before doesn't say hi,lol. This store seems to be dying a slow death. Tanks are half empty but they do have a few community fish, nothing to write home about. In fact why did I mention this store I already wrote to much.

Aqua Exhibits, 1335 N Dr Martin Luther King 3-C
Milwaukee North-East: This place has some great shark displays. Fish are fairly priced, decent selection of Cichlids but that is about it. You can usually find large size FW sharks and Catfishes.No plants that I saw.

Aqua-Terra Aquariums, 6410 W North Ave 4-C
Milwaukee-North: This place is great. Very knowledgeable and has a great selection of fish. Roughly 50 tanks. Nothing to fancy except for the GIANT snails for a few bucks. No plants last time I was their.Prices are just right.

Marine Land Pets, 3519 W Villard Ave 4-C
Milwaukee North: This store has a huge selection of used equipment upstairs. Lower has Fish and quite a bit. They have a wide range of community fish for a Fair price and also have a selection of Cichlids. They also have the largest selection of crayfish, some are MAMMOTH for a few bucks. Never saw Salt water fish or plants fro that matter. BTW lock your doors:icon_bigg

Please fell free to add or make comments. I have visited a few other store in the past 4 or so years but these are the ones I have gone to the most..... Feel your place beats these listed pleas tell me and I will make it a point to visit.
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