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200 gallonish tank build planning

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Hello I have finally moved into a house and am finally going to get a large tank :icon_twis
I am a diy kinda guy so I want to build it.
I don't care if it is glass or plexi.
The size will be 24" high x 6'ish (or more)long and nice and deep.
I understand the weight issues and will deal with that.

I keep loaches so i need a big foot print and not such a high tank.
I also want a good cross flow like a river. That will push all the debris across the tank to the intakes. Not sure if I should drill the tank...
I tried googling large tank builds but haven't really came across much useful info.
Any advise would be great
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I think you are going to be surprised at the cost to build a large tank like this out of glass or acrylic. Typically people build them with plywood and glass fronts using epoxy to coat the inside.
google garf there is a tank builder on there you can try.
I would look at monsterfishtank forum for ideas. Lots of people build large tank and you can get some good pointers from there.
DIY is always the most fun. That's going to be a awesome project. However make sure you consider cost of glass(can be steep), testing area and hauling it from there to the stand. Those were my main concerns when i was contemplating making my 100g and essentially the reasons i backed off since i did not have the time to do due diligence for all of it.

Good luck on the build. Will keep checking this.

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thanks folks
monster fish is the place for info!!!!
never visited before but wow
tons of large tank builds
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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