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20 long newt paludarium

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I finally took the plunge and turned one of my tanks into a paludarium. I have two male and one female captive-bred alpine newts. They're mostly aquatic, but I wanted to create a decent land platform for some moss and plants. I also have 12 White Cloud Mountain minnows.

I cut some egg crate and attached it to the tank with SEVERAL suction cups. It's pretty light.

Terrestrial plants:
-maidenhair fern
-heart fern
-selaginella fern
-strawberry begonia
-mini fittonia
-sheet moss
-live moss from my backyard
-live fern-like moss(?) from my rain barrel on driftwood

Aquatic plants:
-riccia fluitans (some also on driftwood and land section)
-flame moss
-ludwigia ovalis
-echinodorus Kliner Prinz
-selaginella willdenowii (growing above the water surface; I know they're not aquatic)

This setup is only a few weeks old, but is a cycled tank because I took an already-existing tank (more than a year old) with an Eheim 2217 and just brought the water level down. The Eheim output is turned down and sprays onto a piece of driftwood jutting out of the water to disperse the flow since newts like still bodies of water.

How do I add more than one photo? Each time I download a new photo, it just bumps out the previous photo I just loaded.


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