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20 Gallon Shrimp Tank

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I'm going to be starting a 20 gallon shrimp tank and I want to get some fish along with them. I was seriously considering angelfish and gold rams because they're my favorite fish, but after I read all of the shrimp eating stories, I decided against it. So what are some fish that won't eat the shrimp but have some personality and has deep thoughts like the gold ram and angelfish??? (I don't really like schooling fish like tetras because they look brainless)

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Even Tiny schooling fish will eat baby shrimp
For a big fish, I think you could try a falwella catfish. No experience, but I doubt they would make much of a dent.

Small fish? Otos have a ton of personality in a school. Just make sure the tank is mature with tons of algae on the rocks first.

Your dwarf cories are all going to be very shy.

As an aside, realize that there is a direct correlation between how much of your shrimp you see and how many predators you put in the tank. You could probably get a tank to work with Angelfish, but your shrimp would be skittish and hidden all the time. A tank with zero fish is going to have shrimp front and center without fear. Just ask yourself: what do I want to see?

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Ottp's will definitely not touch shrimp but do have a huge appetite for algae so you will more than likely have to supplement their diet.

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