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20 gallon planted finally!

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Hi I have finally planted my 20 gallon tank. I retrofitted the crappy light it had with an AH Supply 55W kit and 6700K bulb. CO2 ~20ppm, NPK = 5, .25, 10

I upgraded the light on Tuesday and the plants are pearling alot. I am starting to grow some green thread algae on my bogwood already.. I think I should not have fertilized Phosphate.

Its got a male and female blue ram and 5 ottos.

I suck at aquascaping, but here is a pick of my first high light 20 gallon.
tell me what you think i should do with the aquascape.


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It's looking very good! What will place in the middle background area?
middle background

There are 3 "corymbosa kompact" back there. But they seem to be the slowest growing plant in my tank.
I think it looks very nice! is that a singal piece of mopani driftwood? It's got quite an interesting shape to it! Also what is the background?
Very nice! Love the play of light and shadow. I do see plants in the middle background, a darker green or else they're in shadow. Nice contrast. I say leave it as is and let things grow in more.

-- Aquamom
its a single piece of mopani. It is ~23 inches long and goes all the way across the 20 gallon. I like it alot but maybe its too large for a 20 gallon. I am tempted to pull it out and plant more plants.
excel problem

My tank has been doing well, but i dosed seachem excel last wednesday, and the stems of all my cabomba have melted.. :icon_frow

really strange they just turned to mush. all the other plants seem ok and the fish are all fine though.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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