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This is my first aquarium. It is a 20 gallon high aquarium. I am using a wide spectrum fluorescent plant light. My two filters are a 20 gallon aqueon filter and a penguin biowheel 150. I dose with nutrafin complete plant supplement, I dose 1 cap-full a week.
1 flame gourami
2 bleeding heart tetras
3 lemon tetras
3 cardinal tetras
1 bristlenose pleco
2 cory cats
4 amano shrimp
1 snail (dont know what kind)

still a work in progress but have a couple

Please give me any suggestions you might have.
I will upload a picture when I find out how to.

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all of your schools are too small! tetras and cories should be in schools of atleast 6, preferably 8-10. Your fish will be much happier and your tank will look better.

And if you want your plants to do better heavily plant the tank to get better growth, or maybe change your substrate but you didn't mention what it was.
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