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20 Gallon Long Yellow Shrimp Tank

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My first attempt at breeding shrimp. So far so good.

Aquarium: 20 Gallon Long
Lighting: 65W Aqualife PC 6700K
Ferts: Flourish, Flourish Excel
Filter: Fluval 305
CO2: DIY Two bottles each changed every two weeks.
Substrate: 40 lbs. Eco Complete
Zebra Rock, Assorted Driftwood

NO3- <10ppm
pH- 7.2
GH- 12

Amazon Sword
? Crypt
Dwarf Baby Tear (HC)
Java Moss

10-20 Adult Yellow Shrimp
10-30 Baby-Juvenile Yellows
4 Otos

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Looking really good, that sword is looking a little too big for the tank though :/ Maybe try a compact sword? Might look more proportionate, although to be honest I'm not sure how big they actually get.

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Too cool. What is the status on the algae issues?
I decreased the photoperiod to 7 hours per day, and elevated the light another couple inches above the surface. The floating HC looks healthy, and the hair algae isn't coming back.

I should start planting today and I'll have some pics tonight.
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