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20 Gallon Long planted

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Okay, so I bought a 20 g long at the petco 1$ per gallon sale. All the plants in the tank are tissue culture plants that I just purchased or added some pieces from other tanks, but all plants are invetro tissue cultures.

So I have a HOB fluval filter,current satellite lighting, aqueon heater and eco complete substrate.
Plant list: Anubis-nana, 'bonsai petite'
crypt- wendtii bronze
rotala- Indica dwf
cypress helfri
alternantherra reinckii red
gold lloydiella
bacopa carolina
monte carlo
micro sword
java fern- narrow leaf and trident



Bump: Forgot about some of my fav plants...Hygrophelia pinnifida, and S repens


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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