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I got this beautiful thing today...
Wood Rectangle Display case Flooring Composite material

...and now I need to get it set up. I have questions on filter and light, but mostly the CO2 situation. For filtration, I'm thinking the Eheim classic (after much digging thru this forum):

For light, a Finnex 24/7:

But for CO2, I'm stumped. Being new to this, I don't really want to invest several hundreds quite yet. I also need something that doesn't have a huge tank, as I don't have a cabinet with storage underneath. So, I was thinking a paintball setup and something like this:

But I'm wondering if there are cheaper or better options. Like this?:

Really appreciate some help here. I spent a pretty penny on that tank and am not really feeling an appetite to go top of the line right now. That plus I am hoping for something small-ish.

Not looking to plant anything super fussy or delicate. Just want full, dense growth. I really appreciate any advice on all of the above.

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