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20 gallon L update (pictures)

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So after much trial and error with my 20 galling long tank I feel like I am finally getting somewhere. Since the last time I posted about this tank having trouble I have added/ removed quite a few things.
I stopped dosing flourish excel, and took out the 10,000k bulb from the t5ho fixture.
Things I added:
-API root tabs
-Started dosing API Carbon booster
-replaced 10000k bulb with 6700k
After I added the tabs and started dosing the c02 booster I started seeing great results in less than a weeks time.
I have recently added another coralife t5ho fixture with a colormax bulb for freshwater and a 6700k bulb.

Here are some pictures of what the tank is looking like at the moment:


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It's lovely! Great looking rocks. The plant placement has a very elegant simplicity to it, without veering into iwagami pretentiousness. My only critique is a personal one: I'm not a big fan of mollies. They're so overbred for color, I always feel like they're the fakest thing in a tank.

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I agree completely with the statement about the mollies. The only reason they are there is because they were my first fish I ever had and Ive grown an emotional attachment to them.

In regards to the heater, my friend also advised moving it but idk, for some reason I like it where it is. I seem to be alone on that though haha.

heres a quick time lapse so you guys can get a better idea of the tank;
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