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So this is my first planted tank and my first real aquarium! Back in September my bf wanted a betta for his birthday. I set up a small 3 gallon tank just gravel, an amazon sword and some vals. The vals died but the sword is still alive and we added some floating water sprite to help lower the light levels a little. Playing around with the little betta tank made me want a bigger tank of my own.

Several months later I have a 20H gallon aquarium and am starting to gather all of my supplies.


20H gallon
Aquaclear 50 HOB Filter
Tetra whisper air stone
Jager 100W heater

Substrate: DIRTED tank!
MGOPS 1.5 in
Capped with fine gravel collected from the beach. I rinsed the gravel really really well and then I sterilized it I am also going to add some AMACO red clay pieces

Deep Blue Pro T-5 Double Bulb Fixture with moonlights 24 inch with 10,000K and 6,7000K bulbs. I am hoping this gives me medium light levels so I can manage it low tech

Frog Bit
Jungle Vals
Dwarf Sag
Some kind of moss maybe java
Banana Plant
Eventually a Madagascar lace plant

Guppies start with 2 males and 5 females (I love their colors and tails)
Kuhli Loaches (6) I will add these once the tank is established I had a single one as a kid and it was my favorite fish. I have since learned they like to be in schools
Dwarf Gorami (1)- I hope he will be my guppy population control.
Shrimp (some kind maybe once the tank is more established)

My plan is to keep enough cover and plants that a very few babies will survive just enough to keep my population steady.

Lots and lots of plants!
Drift wood
A few rock caves

Pics to follow once I actually have something in the aquarium. I am waiting on the red clay and the lights!

Opinions and advice are appreciated

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20 Gal Tall Dirted Tank Build (Pic heavy)

I finally had all the supplies, dirt, clay, peat, and gravel, lights and plants. I am still looking for some better rocks that I can make some caves out of but this will work for now. For plants I have vals, combomba, marimo ball, Banana Plant, amazon sword, and one in the middle that I can not remember the name of. I plan on adding some more plants once I get them in. Now it just needs to cycle so I can add some fish.


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