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Hi, my name’s Ian I gave my girlfriend a 20 gallon high with fake decorations and decided to redo it for a planted tank. I’m posting on here just to blog the tank as it goes and ask if there’s anything y’all would change in terms of plants and for additional stocking advice.

Plant Water Green Botany Pet supply

Water Plant Vertebrate Green Terrestrial plant

Water Plant Green Pet supply Organism


Fish and Inverts

1 Betta
4 Espei Rasboras (looking at getting at least 2 more)
2 nerite snails
1 mystery snail
10 cherry shrimp
1 Amano shrimp (looking to add 4 more)
3 dwarf orange crayfish


Anubias nana
Java moss
Moss ball
Madagascar lace plant
Scarlet temple
Red flame sword
Rotalla indica


1 finnex stingray
1 NICREW Freshwater light
1 sponge filter (decided to replace with the other two filters will be coming out in a couple weeks)
1 Ziss bio filter (Biological filtration)
1 Seachem Tidal 35 (for mechanical and chemical filtration)

Decor and substrate
1 large piece of wood (forgot what kind)
Few small pieces of petrified wood
Top fin aquarium black sand on top
Ecocomplete under sand

What other fish and plants would y’all recommend to add?
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