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20 gallon hex - Fish, not soup!

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I've had my old 5-gallon hexagonal acrylic aquarium running with flame tetras and snails. It killed off the shrimp and 2 snails, but I now have one more tetra than I bought. The hydrilla (From a local lake) has grown pretty consistently in the painted red gravel, but a recent algae perfect storm nearly killed it off. It is growing again, though. I added 2 plecostomus (More like plecostosaur) fish, not knowing just how big they can get. They're small right now, but soon...

But I will be moving it all from a 5 gallon setup to a 20 gallon one. It's like the old, but much larger. I could put the little one in it, with the cat and a book.

I have dark fluorite, light gravel, and a filter/pump ready to run. Soon I will start cycling with plants, and begin transferring fish. Things to do before I can do this:

1. Clean up electronics corner, Or Else, she said
2. Oil change
3. Invent or secure lighting for new tank
4. Shift things around to put the new tank on the pretty hexagonal table

I plan to periodically update as things go, even if I do wind up with fish soup (furry swimmers, bristle-noses, floaters, ground tetras, or fuzz tetras).
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Light is partly built. I need to add a fan to it and modify the hood enclosure for it. Sometime in the next month I hope to start lighting and cycling the 20g with biomass from the 5g.

Output comparison. The yellowish blob is 600 lumens of warm-white light, so this is quite bright. 4 XM-Ls at $7 each, on a salvaged computer heatsink. I'm switching the fans out for a (hopefully) quieter, smaller fan.
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