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20 gallon breeder shrimp tank!

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Sup planted tankers. I am posting on behalf of my friend, Peter.
I filmed his really amazing shrimp tank and i'd love to share it to you!

Click here for the video:

EDIT: oh shoot. is it possible to embed youtube video to this forum? lol
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That's a huge looking 20g. Lots of good colors!
The water lettuce will die in that tank! :(
wonderful scape!

it actually had me looking around my living room for a spot to put another tank :D
The water lettuce will die in that tank! :(
don't worry. they eventually stopped sinking. Peter did a water change right before the video so he had the filters turn off.

thanks for the comment guys. glad you enjoyed it :)
OOHHH. I thought It will be submerged and drifted that long. Water lettuce dont want its leaves to be trickled with water. :3
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