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I'm starting on a new project since I simply can't seem to be able to shake my addiction to planted tanks. I am truly in love with stem plants along the lines of most rotalas and Ludwigias. After I set up my 75 gal. tank and started ruining the scape with additions of random rotalas and ludwigias I thought it would be the time to start a collection tank. The idea is to grow as many different varieties or rotalas and Ludwigias that I can, granted that I don't have them in other tanks yet. The set up will be the following:

- 20 gal long
- high lighting along the lines of 4-5 wpg - currently I'm looking for a good set up that's not too expensive in other words catalina is out.
- Pressurized CO2 with a 10 lb tank
- either a small eheim canister filter, or two aqua clear HOB 20 (one on each side to offer optimum flow)
- NPK, TE, Iron fertilization with pfertz line and flourish iron/TE
- Amazonia Aqua soil II as substrate
- RO/DI Water

The tank is currently housing several johnnydarters and some reeds, but they are starting to be a little monotonous and I think I need a bit more color and red ;)

As soon as there is more to come, I will update with some pictures.

My plant wish list is the following, and there is always room for more:

L. rotundifolia variegated
L. sp. India
L. anagallis

R. macrandra narrow
R. araguaia
R. mexicana araguaia
R. goias
R. mini butterfly
R. mini type I
R. macrandra japan
R. singapore
R. vietnam
R. sunset

L. inclinata var. verticillata ‘Pantanal’
L. inclinata var. verticillata ‘Cuba’
L. araguaia

Obviously, this list is long, and will be hard to come by. But one can always wish, maybe santa will be nice to me this year especially ;)

Pictures are soon to follow.
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