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20 gal com tank

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hey i have a 20gal Long tank and i want to get it running but then i dont know what to put in it. Anyone have suggestions to fishes? i want some movement and color in the tank. What are some sites i can look at some fishes to buy? all i know is liveaquaria. Thanks in Advanced!
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try going to an actual store. save buying fish online for later
ok,what fish would i be able to fit in my 20gal long? i was aiming for cichlids but i hear i cant have em in my tank because its small.
Go to local fish stores in your area, and check out their fish selection. Find a type of fish that you like, get its name (scientific name even better) and research its requirements and see if that fish is for you. This way, when you get to pick what fish you want, you also know where to get it locally.

Here's an article for newbies that want to start their aquarium.

EDIT: do your fish and yourself a favor and read about cycling (ammonia-->nitrite-->nitrate) and start this while researching what fish you can try.
Thanks Zergling. If i wanted to have a dwarf puffer tank..would i be able to have 6 puffers? 2 males 4 females? or is it best to keep it to 1 male and 2 female?
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