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For my first post on, I confess that attending the Aquafest in Maryland last month, and especially the GWAPA demonstration on aquascaping, I'm hooked (I think). Watching Jason Babilon and (forget the other guy's name) compete, it was awsome.

I'm not new to fish, and have had the typical experience with novice planted tanks, but I am an experienced discus keeper. The one thing I've read that gives me pause is a post from Steve Colley saying that keeping discus is easy compared to planted tanks! :hihi:

NEVERTHELESS, I picked up an Oceanic 30g cube tonight off Craigs List, 20" x 20". Got to try to mimic the GWAPA demo! Dang. (The 30g was a LOT cheaper than the ADA rimless!)

My question for the planted tank community: What light would you recomment for this tank? I've already got a CO2 system and canister filters, so I'll be using those. Beyond that, it's all from scratch.

Thanks in advance for your comments. -Don in Virginia
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