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Hey everyone.
So I was using those cheap chinese 4x10W LED chips and 2x10w floodlights over my 55G (48"x15x18). Since they werent enough so I combined 3x36W Osram 8000K PLLs. Now in 3 months I will need to change those PLs and since the chinese 4x10W LEDs have done miserably. I am going to replace them with 20 Cree XPE-R3 cold white leds each run at 900mA. I need these to cover around 30"x15" area and should atleast be able to get me a decent carpet of glosso. The 10W floodlights have done great and combined can take care of the 10x10 area. Do you guys think 20 leds will be enough? Or should I get more or add some red and blue to the mix? Lights will sit around 2-3" above the water surface.
These are the LEDs.
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