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20# co2

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For storage reasons I'd like to lay this tank on its side while it's in operation. Is this safe?
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No. Not an option. (Seriously, not just a snarky comment.)
Do not do that.

Liquid co2 can flow into your regulator and you will have a disaster waiting to happen.
Thanks. Glad you guys quickly knew the answer
To unpack / expand on the other posts a little...
In the normal up right orientation, there's liquid CO2 at the bottom of the tank, it literally boils and turns into a gas; that gas on top is what we need to use.

If you were to lay the cylinder on its side, most likely you will get liquid CO2 into the regulator. Were that liquid to make it through to the "low side" of the reg, your pressure will go from 20PSI to 800PSI in a matter of seconds. Obviously the low end can't handle that and you'll likely blow out the reg's relief valve, blow apart your bubble counter, lines will rupture, etc, etc, etc ugliness!!

If your cylinder only has 10 or 20% left, you might get away with laying it down because the liquid would be below the valve stem. But you are playing Russian roulette and that's not a risk worth taking.

And I do have some experience: here's my 20lb rig sitting on the scale after I ran it dry ;)
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I go one step further. Even though it may never happen, I don't want my tank flopping over. It would be me bumping it and I don't want to be nearby when it flops over and knocks the reg off.
Way too much bottle rocket for me! I bungee it to the stand.
Well, there may be an option for laying it on its side, but I'm not 100% sure they make them for bulk tanks. Google 'anti-siphon tube'. They make them for smaller paintball tanks, but usually the larger tanks have siphon tubes which is the opposite of what you want. As a side note, my 20# has a siphon tube and I've had no problems using it with my aquariums in an upright position.
Without the regulator and the valve shut, is it safe to transport on its side?
Without the regulator and the valve shut, is it safe to transport on its side?
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