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I had a Columnaris outbreak in my planted 20 gallon aquarium.
I had 7 Zebra Danios that all died because of the Columnaris.
During the outbreak, I dosed aquarium salt and even after the fish died, I kept dosing aquarium salt, so their is a relatively high salt concentration in my aquarium.
Do you guys think my aquarium is safe for fish again?
I also heard that SI should "restart" my tank my taking almost all water out and bleaching/disinfecting the aquarium.
However I do not want to do this.
That is why I kept increasing salt levels.
Can I put fish in now?

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I would not trust the salt alone to kill Columnaris.

I second the advice you're getting to break it down and sterilize everything.

Columnaris is extremely contagious and deadly. It would be a shame to infect new fish and go through the same thing all over again.
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