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2 unrelated questions - Metricide and root-tabs

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1) Metricide - have it sitting in my Amazon shopping cart at $21 + 7 shipping (gallon). Anything change here or still an alternative to Excel?

2) root-tabs or osmocote caps : Is it possible to put to much in the substrate and encourage algae in a low-tech setup, or does it release so slowly it doesn't matter. Setting up a new tank with Eco-complete, was thinking about putting some root tabs or osmocote on the bottom before the substrate goes in. Too much?

PS: Was really looking hard at the capped-dirt option instead of Eco, but being my first tank in year AND being a display in the living room the Eco seems to be a good choice to look nice even if I have to dig around in it.
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I got my hands on some Metricide 28, I dosed 10ml directly onto some BBA, it did absolutely nothing but within 2 days my fish were either gasping on the surface or dead on the bottom. I bought some Flourish Excel and dosed 20ml onto the BBA all the fish are fine and the BBA pink and dead.
Moral of the story unless you know what you are doing and have a need for large doses just stick to the excel, it costs more but it works far better and doesn't carry the risk.
I was reading the specs for Metracide 28, that has added surfactants (detergents), the 14 appears to be straight water & guterlablahblahblah, could that have been a problem?

If my voice sounds a little muffled it is because I might be speaking directly out of my ass.
Bwahahaha! I don't remember reading you're posts before today OP but I like! LOL
Glutaraldehyde Bio Grade 25% solution has been sitting in my chemical cabinet since March 2011 purchased from Electron Microscopy Sciences, Division of EMS Acquisition Corp. That's the highest concentration you can buy without a Hazmat fee. Diluting this stuff to 1.5% here and used as needed but not daily.

Pressurized CO2 is MUCH safer and cheaper starting at about 1 years use with a dual stage regulator if you count up the pennies.
Great algaecide but understand what you are handling and it does work as an alternative I just have to many tanks.

To you're other question you can indeed overload the substrate with to much in the way of ferts. It's best to follow coverage guidelines. Osmocote caps are the cheapest but once used realize that the spheres don't dissolve into nothingness,,, ever. Once empty they will work up out of the substrate and drift around until you vacuum them up doing a water change. Little things like that bother me. Quit using them over a year ago and still find the spheres in every tank I used the stuff in.
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Thanks for the tips! Will be sure to use regular root tabs then.

Figured I will give the Metricide a shot in my low tech, still being built tank. (36 gallon, not all that big - yet :)
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