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Hello Everybody. Just wanted to get some opinions on stocking my 40 breeder.

Current Stock:
6x Harlequin Rasboras
1x Orange Molly
1x Oto cat
2x RCS
5+ Assasin snails
2x Horned nerites

Stock goal (In total) :

10x Harlequin Rasboras
2x male mollies
2x male platies
6-10x cory cats
And I'd like to higher my oto count if possible.

Does this sound fair ? Would you oppose this? Of course it all depends on filtration, maintainance, feeding, and parameters, but I'm looking more for a general opinion.

Parameters are great right now. And reaching this stock list will take me about a year to be safe. Especially with the Cory's. Tank has been cycled for a while now, but I wouldn't say the tank is close to being established.

Below is my 40 gallon breeder. I'm a big fan of Jungly/ natural, overgrown aquariums. With aquascaping kept to a minimum.

And for those interested:

1x Finnex stingray 24"
1x Current Sat plus 24"
1x Hydor 150 Canister filter
4x 20lb bags of Eco complete
1x 150w Aqua top heater
(Combined two 20 gallon aquariums and reused a lot of the equipment on the 40 gallon)

25% water change weekly
Flourish dosing weekly
I let plants over grow.



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Sounds fine depending on what kind of cories they are cause some can get big. I would also think the assassin snails would make a quick snack out of the little nerites.
Just the other day I saw a nerite riding an Assasin snail lol. I've had them for over a year without a problem.

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Nice growth. I agree, hardscape just reduces the amount of plants you can grow. That Hydor looks like a serious canister filter. If you stick to six Corydoras you could get more Otocinclus.
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