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2 light fixtures

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as it says, I have two, one was free so I said hey whatever I'll put it on there. Its just a 15W 18" t8 bulb fixture and I also have a dual 14W 24" t5no fixture on there too.
What kind of lighting is this?
It would be a total of 43W over 25 gal (1.7WPG) that is 19" tall but theres 2x t5no and 1x t8 so I don't know if this changes anything.
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Just the T5NO fixture should give you medium light. You don't need the T8 fixture. With medium light at least DIY CO2 is very desirable.
I have DIY co2 now but I'll move that over to the 5 gal when the stuff I ordered from Jagged arrives and upgrade to pressurized on the 25.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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