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2-Inch by 4-Inch Ceramic Moss Plate

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I have an ceramic moss plate that I need ideas on a moss to use. I have Java moss and Peacock moss on two other plates both 2x2. The plate I need input on is 2x4 it did have guppy grass (i think) on it but it outgrew everything, by a lot. I have Marineland double bright for 10g for lighting. It will be a shrimp only tank. Right now the peacock moss is growing better than the java moss. Any ideas on a good moss to use? For reference purpose I attached a link.
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I really like the mini mosses, maybe look in to them. I believe h4n have a very large selection.
mini mosses? I was looking at flame moss. Just not sure how well it would work with ss mesh.
I never had good luck with flame staying in the mesh, after a while it was growing outside of the mesh. Mini mosses as mini rose or mini Christmas, or mini fissiden
Fissidens looks really bushy. But wow.. those ceramic tiles cost a ton compared to just SS tiles.
Yea, I was going to just buy ss sheets and cut them myself but...
I think you can get the large sections off of amazon.
I think you can get the large sections off of amazon.
Tried looking on amazon but couldn't find anything. Anyway to share the wealth (link?) :)

EDIT: Will this work?

Or is this one better? (Mesh size #8x8)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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