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I have some HC (Hemianthus calitrichoides) floating in my tank that needs thinning. PM if interested and I'll ship on Monday.
This stuff is in a REALLY tight bunch. It's very healthy but I cannot guarantee it is 100% clean of algae (though I don't see any) and I've been trying to eliminate the riccia too which has gone well, but I see a piece here and there still so it may be in there as well. If you plan on pulling it apart and planting it, I wouldn't think it wouldn't be a problem, but you be the judge :)

Just for clarity, that is $15 for each 3X3 bunch;)

Had a request for pics so here is a sample of what I have. There is enough for 2 orders of 3X3 and yes, each order will be more than 3"X3".


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