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2 GLA atomizers better than 1?

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I am running 2 eheim 2217's, one with an inline atomizer. I run high bubble counts cause of the amount of surface agitation i like to have at this altitude here in denver. Feel like my co2 distribution could be better so i am thinking about adding another inline atomizer on the other filter. Would i simply need to just split the line line and keep my working pressure about 30 psi? Anyone ever worked with 2 of these before? thanks
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2 atomizers will definately give you better co2 dispersion. Only thing is that you will have to get 2 needle valves to control the atomizers independently. If you just put a tee after the nv, the co2 will take the path of least resistance, so most likely the atomizer with the shortest run of tubing.
Wouldn't it also just tell me which diffisor needs to be cleaned?
At about 4 bps I feel like I am maxing out the diffisor and the bubbles start getting these atomizers have a bubble rate cap or do I just need to give the guys a good soaking in bleach and scrub sit good?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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