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Hey TPT people!

Got a quick question for Yall!

On my 55g I have a Fluval204 that has been going 5+ years and is GREAT! I had a HOT Magnum hooked to a spray bar that ran the length of the bottom of the tank, and blew toward the front glass to keep trash toward the front for easy removal and good circulation. I just hate the tank has to bee sooooo far away from the wall because of the depth of the HOT.

Well I now have a few extra Fluval 205s and I am thinking of putting one on the 55. So that would make a 204 and a 205 on the tank. Also I have the power head off of my Red Sea Co2 diffuser in the back bottom of the tank blowing across the back for circulation, which I want to remove.

SO my question is would Yall put the 205 on the tank, put the HOT back on, or just get a few power heads for circulation?

I really don't like power heads because of the strong directional flow, and I have never had one of the newer type circulators with a prop type impeller. I read they have a gentle flow, but I can't imagine the kind of flow they produce being "gentle"!

PLEASE HELP!!!:confused:

P.S. the intake for the 204 is on the left side of the aquarium and the output is on the right about 5" from the surface and it is pointed to the middle front of the glass. IF I add the 205 how would YOU setup the inputs/outputs?? The 204 has me reactor in line with the output.
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