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2.9 Gal Nano Tank

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I'm starting up a college nano tank. It's finally time to put the aquarium tools I've been hoarding to use!

This tank is likely not going to run a filter. I've got a roommate who's a very light sleeper so I don't want to keep noises down to a minimum. Hoping that the plants and bacteria will provide enough chemical and biological filtration. Slightly concerned about the lack of water movement though so we'll see what happens. I've got an Azoo mini HOB sitting around just in case. So if it really comes down to it, I'll work something out with him.

Still not too sure about that plants I want to stock. I have a list below of considerations but we'll see what happens. I might just buy a diverse variety and go for a see what grows mentality. Any plant suggestions?

As for fauna, I'm either going to eventually add a pea puffer or dwarf shrimp. Haven't decided, but it'll be something to mull over when/if this tank takes off.

Overall expectation: minimal, densely planted, low maintenance tank

2.9 ral rimless tank (29x18x21cm)
1/4" galvanized pipe light fixture
10 in. Finnex Fugeray

Kellogg Raised Bed and Potting Mix
Pool filter sand

Ribbon wood(?)
Yamaya stones

Possible Flora in Mind (Super tentative; don't know what I'm using or not using)
  • Salvinia minima
  • Red Root Floaters (To make sure iron levels are low; prevents some algal growth?)

  • Anubias barteri var. nana petite
  • Some kind of Bucephalandra
  • Pilo Moss
  • Fissidens fontanus
  • Mini Christmas Moss (Already have some on hand)

  • Blyxa japonica
  • Hygrophila angustifolia
  • Hydrocotyle tripartita (I really like it's growth pattern)
  • Some other kind of stem plant

  • Staurogyne repens
  • Eleocharis parvula

  • Marsilea crenata

Set-Up and Hardscaping
Adding in soil. I have no idea what the actual depth was. I'm guessing it was somewhere around 3/4". Pushed it away from the walls a bit so it won't show once the sand cap is placed.

Sand Cap. Sloped it towards the back from ~1" to ~2". Slightly worried the front cap is too shallow. But with such a small tank, I want to avoid having a deep substrate level. Second image for a better view of the gradient.

Hardscaping. I'm pretty pleased with this. Hoping that the flora will grow in nicely (when I get them) and hides any eyesores from the hardscape that may or may not be there.
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Lovely start. I like how you placed the rocks and wood. I hope you keep this updated with pictures! Would love to see how it evolves. :)

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Thanks everybody!

Here's the day three update. I forgot to take a photo at my apartment before going home for the weekend. Whoops.
There's a bit of cloudiness in the water and a small patch of diatoms. Not too worried about either though. Lights are on for 12 hours with a 3 hour siesta mid way through the photoperiod.

I've got like three small fragments of the water fern on the surface. So I'm likely making a trip to the lfs tomorrow to find some floaters. Most likely duckweed or Salvinia minima.

Flora list:
Azolla filiculoides
Vesicularia sp. mini christmas moss
Marsilea crenata
Anubias barteri var. nana petite
Staurogyne repens
Hydrocoytle tripartita
Blyxa japonica
Helanthium tenellum
An unknown foraged plant

Your hardscape looks very nice. It will be lovely when it is all planted.

Have you considered a small submersible filter? They are silent when running.
I'll keep the submersible in mind. Though I'm not too sure if there any small enough. This tank is tiny. As backup I have a mini azoo filter but I'm just going to see how long this tank will last without it.
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