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Hi everyone, I am getting fed up with my jungle 2.5g bowl. The plant mass is getting out of control and I feel like starting fresh again. The bowl about a year old and houses RCS and WCMM.

Here are the jungle plants:

Glossostigma elatinoides - $1 per 4"-5" strand with at least 5 nodes on each strand.
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis (Brazilian Micro Sword) - $2 per 1x1" portion or $4 per 2x2" portion
Cryptocoryne Undulata - $2.50 per plant Sold/Pending

Assassin Snails - $2 each only 5 available Sold/Pending

Shipping $7

Please private message to check availability of plants for sale

*Also: All plants have a chance of Malaysian Trumpet/Ramshorn snails but i'll do my best to remove anything I see, or leave them be if you would like some awesome algae eaters.*

Mind your weather; I will not be responsible for:
- D.O.A.
- USPS mishap
- Shipping delays (As in being delivered after the 3 days, normal USPS priority time)
- If something does happen, we might be able to work something out as long as I am contacted within 2 hours of delivery with photos!

Private Message me or email cmdr.christopher(at) to place an order or if you have any questions!

Thank You!
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