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2.5G low tech equipment suggestions

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Petsmart carries 2.5G All-Glass tanks and I been thinking about doing a desktop shrimp tank. I would like to go low-tech, maybe use Eco-Complete as the substrate. What filter and light would I need? Also, any suggestions on plants for this setup? Not interested in ground covering plants such as HC.
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Go buy an incandescent desk lamp, take the bulb out, and then switch it with a day light flourescent one, maybe a 10 watt one, and you'll be fine with low tech plants. Eco complete would be fine. For a filter, you should go with a sponge filter if you're planning on mass breeding the shrimp. If you still want to breed but with a risk of a few select fry who will not make it, get a red sea mini filter and cover the intake with something like a sponge or nylon stocking.. Or one of those other small filters in the market.
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