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2.5g+10g+stuff = busy college kid

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Finally, semester is done, my coaching job is winding down, for some reason they cut back on my hours at my normal job, I have time to do stuff. First thing I did once I got time was rescape and show some love to my 2.5. The tank water level was half the tank most the semester due to lack of time, it basically just grew floaters like weeds and was maintained by a pair of ghost shrimp.

Now I have fully rescaped (the photo doesn't do it justice, I'll use a better cam next time), changed from gravel to sand, replanted with new and more plants, added a Azoo Palm Filter, and DIY CO2.

So, here it is,

Tank: Generic Petsmart 2.5

Light: Finnex Planted+ on from 8A.M. - 11:45, then on again from 2P.M. - 9. Only have the light like this so it is on mostly when I'm home.

Filter: Azoo Palm Filter on lower settings with Bio-Balls added.

CO2: DIY w/powerade bottle and this recipe: , diffused into an airstone next to the filter intake

Substrate: Miracle Grow Organic capped with generic sand.

  • Salvinia Minima
  • Red Ludwigia (middle of tank)
  • Onion Bulb (back left)
  • 2 Lilly Bulbs (behind rock in back left & floating)
  • Some sort of hair grass (all along slope on right)
  • Hornwort? (front left, i just call it frill plant)

Fauna: None for now, looking for input and help here though!

I know it looks rough in the pic, but next water change and the tannins will be gone and it'll look much better. Don't know what my plans are for this tank, but I do have questions.

For stocking this tank I'm 99.9% sure I'm gonna buy local because I don't want to pay shipping. These leaves me with Petco, Petsmart, Magoo's Pet Outlet (carry some weird stuff considering Maggoo's is normally a weird home supply store), I also can make a trip to one of the LFS within a 45min trip (Somethings Fishy Clio, Preuss Pets Lansing, Moby Dick's Waterford, etc.) Out of these, anyone know where I might be able to find a suitable nano fish? I'm looking for:

  • RCS
  • Scarlet Badis
  • Desert Goby? (not sure if good choice, but at Maggoo's)
  • Peacock Gudgeon? (fear this is too small)
  • Smaller variety of kilifish (Haven't seen any local)
  • Sparkling Gourami

Really anything small that I can keep in a pair, I like colorful and/or unique fish. Things that exhibit cool personalities. I don't mind if they spawn at all because I can stick fry in my 10g or set up the Evolve 2 I have until grown enough to find a home for.

Thanks for teh help!
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Black bar endlers are very prolific and colorful.
Unfortunately I haven't seen any of those around here.

EDIT: Sorry, I feel that may have came across as rude, that wasn't my intent. Thank you for your idea though, if you happen to know somewhere online with reasonable shipping or in the Flint, Michigan area with those please let me know.
Added a guppy and recut/planted some of the ludwigia, didn't care for it so tall. Also struggling with a green, dust, like algae.

I think it's a Moscow guppy? I named him Lucien LaChance after the speaker of the Dark Brotherhood in The Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion
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Plants are starting to grow out of the water now! Everything is growing in nicely, even the hair-grass which just kinda existed in every other setup I tried it in. Pictures to come tomorrow after a water change.
I lied, did a water change today. Here's the update picture wise:


Top View:

My super big onion bulb:

Everything is growing like nuts, a generic snail has shown up and taken residence with Lucien LaChance the guppy. I cleaned off a lot of the algae on the glass which seemed to be a new tank algae and not really an issue.

I'm still not sold on just the one guppy in this tank (he can always join my 10g community), I'm open to suggestions for other things I could keep in here as well as where I can get them. Shrimp wise I'm very limited for my area, just ghost shrimp, bamboo (amano?) which is very expensive, and RCS can be ordered from petco, but I don't want to pay $3-4 a shrimp.
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Tank looks good, and love the Elder Scrolls reference :)
Is the hardscape releasing tannins into the water? Either way, looks good man!
Rainbow goby! Growth!

So a lot has occurred, plants are growing extremely well, I pulled out quite a few ludwigias. My new boss at work has multiple tanks and I'm gonna see if she'd like them because my only other option is to toss them. Outside of that I added a few rocks to try and contain the grassy plant, not so sure what it is anymore. That's about it, OH WAIT, I ADDED A RAINBOW GOBY! Was super excited when I saw it and had to have it on impulse. Just needs a name now and he will be part of the family.


Rainbow Goby eating algae (presumably)

Grassy plant going nutz

Rocks added to separate grassy stuffs

Thanks for complements, I'm glad someone understands elder scrolls. Yes, this tank is dirted to go with the DIY CO2 and sometimes excel, so it is releasing tannins, but those are getting better as time goes.
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Refilled/Replaced DIY CO2 container contents. Wasn't getting the bubbles out of it I wanted, so I assumed it had gone through most of the sugar. Outside of that not much is happening. I did a tank trim, forgot the tops of the ludwigia had grown out of the water and would need a readjusting phase when replanted under water (was worrying a bit). Otherwise all inhabitants are fine and another water change is coming in a day or 2.
Correct me if I'm wrong, as I did not do the research about gobies but asked about them before in a lfs, but don't gobies need high amounts of oxygenated water with fast streams?
wow dirty water. I think it needs a water change
wow dirty water. I think it needs a water change
Just tannins being leached from the dirt under the sand, it goes away more so after each water change. So, not as dirty as you would think.
Correct me if I'm wrong, as I did not do the research about gobies but asked about them before in a lfs, but don't gobies need high amounts of oxygenated water with fast streams?
That is a very valid point, which is why I'm keeping the filter turned up as high as I can. If it turns out I do need greater amount of oxygen/greater flow, I'll just put him into my 10g which would have 2 filters for flow.

EDIT: I'm also looking into setting up another nano tank, if I do, I can leave this one planted and make the other much more flow/rocks and go plantless and put him into it.
Since I'm no longer ashamed of the eyesore known as my old 10 gallon, I've decided to add it to this journal.

Tank: Generic 10 gallon
Heater: Generic, broke to where the lowest setting is 80 degrees F
Filters: 2 dual sponge filters
Substrate: dirt capped with small layer of gravel and overly deep layer of sand
Light: Aqueon deluxe hood with floramax bulb for 12 hours a day
Flora: 3 Massive sword plants, 1 java fern, 3 large crypts, 1 baby crypt of some sort
Fauna: 6 black khuli loaches and 1 glow light tetra (friends coming soon)

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Also would like to use this thread to keep track of an extra sword I got, the ones I bought had runners with 5-6 babies growing on them, so this one is getting the outside emmeresed treatment.

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