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+2.5ft Iwagumi Shallow Tank

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As promised, my latest planted tank. Most of the items are recycled from previous setup. I didn't really source for any new stuff besides the tank and light.

Tank Specs:
Dimension: 77cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 30cm (H).
Light: 24w T5HO x 4, currently turn on ~5hours daily.
Substrate: ADA Amazonia I + ADA Powersand Special + Small lava rocks + BorneoWild substrate additives (BorneoWild Balance, Boost P, Bacter Crystal and Bacter Energy - 1 bottle for each).
Hardscape: Lava rock.
Filtration: Eheim Ecco Pro 2036 connected to Cal Aqua Lab nano glass lilypipe (in+out).
Co2: Approx 1bps via glass ceramic diffuser.
Additives/Supplement: 1/3 push of Brighty K daily and sprinkle small amount of BorneoWild Bacter Crystal after each water change.
Flora: Glosso
Fauna: None atm but will keep high grade CRS in future.
Maintenance: 70% WC every day.

Note - Soil is recycled from previous 5ft setup. Lava rock is reused from previous 1ft setup.
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1 - 20 of 94 Posts have a lot of talent! and patience to plant that glosso like that

in 2 months time thats gonna be an amazing tank (just like the 5ft counterpart)
That is awesome, is that an Ada tank have a lot of talent! and patience to plant that glosso like that

in 2 months time thats gonna be an amazing tank (just like the 5ft counterpart)
+1 :icon_smil
More pictures during the setup . . .

BorneoWild complete substrate system (similar to ADA subs system)

Dump in used soil/powersand/lava rock from 5ft tank. Hardscape (big lava rock) is recycled from previous 1ft tank.

Perform WIWO before planting.

I will post up picture of how Glosso is planted in this tank. Basically Glosso is carefully selected and separated into one "node". It is a back breaking work but worth every effort.

. . . more coming up
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james7139 - this is not an ADA tank. It is a custom tank with extremely neat silicone work. I am quite impressed actually :)
wow, that is nice! looking forward to seeing it fill in!
What is WIWO?
For some reason I think of water in water out, but I have never heard WIWO before.
Zareth - you are right. WIWO stands for "Water in, Water out"
More pictures as promised . . .

Glosso is separated into each "node" and planted one by one. Best if you got assistant otherwise be prepared to get backache after planting.

Result after don't-know-how-long of planting

Slowly filling up with water.
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OO I'd like to see this as a completed set-up.
Clare12345 - Completed picture is on the first post. I will keep everyone updated on the progress of this tank.

Growth after Day 2
Note - apologize for the mis-focus picture but I hope you guys can see the new shoots.

Growth after Day 7. More new shoots emerging from the soil :D
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Those rocks look great! I'm excited to see the finished product!

Replace 2 x 24W T5HO Original light bulb (Katana) with 2 x 24W T5HO Giesemann Powerchrome Midday.

I guess I am now a sucker for German made stuff. :roll:
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Looks amazing. I love your hardscape. Does lava rock alter the water params at all?
love the placement of the rocks and grading. will be great when filled in.
gBOYsc2 - Nope. In fact, lava rock is sometimes used as a base under the soil replacing the need of ADA Powersand. I have been using it for all my previous setup. It is cheap and you dont need so much soil to create steep slope.
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