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I would like to show you all my new planted tank, and even ask a few questions. here's a picture to start.

for filtration I have the azoo mignon with a tube of filter foam stuck on it. For heating I have an elite 25w mini heater. Lighting is a 9w CFL in a custom hood. I dose .2 ml of excel a day and lighting is on 10 hours.
I guess I should give you a bit of background on this tank. I set it up about 2 months ago, I started it by putting a gallon and a half of water from my cycled 10 gallon, and a gallon of treated tap water. After that I squeezed out the filter from my 10 gallon into the tank. from then on I did regular water changes using old tank water. never had any problems with any clouding, no smells, maybe a little bit of algae. after about 2 weeks I put in some ghost shrimp to see how they did, they were happy and eating the thick layer of bio-film that coats my tank to this day. 2 weeks after putting them in there I ordered my cherries and moved the ghosts into the 10 gallon. all 15 survived the shipment, and they are still alive now. Not just alive, BREEDING!!!

This isn't the only one, I woke up today and saw a second one had eggs too!
Pretty happy that they have eggs after only a month of being in my tank. I don't think and of these guys are even fully grown....

Anyway, They seem to be doing 3 things, Pooping, eating, and screwing. I hope that's what Happy shrimps do.

I have a couple questions to ask, I've done a lot of reading online, and its probably why my shrimps are still alive lol. there are a few things that i'm not too sure about.

1. how often should they molt? I see 2-3 molts a week with these guys, I don't think they are fully grown. they molt more when they are younger, right?

2. They don't care for the algae wafer pieces I drop in. occasionally one of the shrimps will go over to it, and others will take notice and eat it up. But I usually have to put it right in front of a shrimp before they figure out to eat it. They would much rather walk around the tank plucking at the fluorite, wood, and plants... Maybe there is just a lot of bio-film and they like that better? is this normal shrimp behavior?

3. Is there any point in using carbon in the filter?

4. I wan't to dose a small amount of nutrients, what should I start with? I want it to be pretty minimal, just enough to help the plants grow.
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