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2.5 gallon Standing free

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yea, tital says it all, lol.

This is my 2.5 gallon endlers livebearers(ELB) and black algae eating shrimp(BAES) breeding tank. it will hold my most beutifull males.

tank- 2.5 AGA
filter- topfin 10
light-26w cf screw in in a desklight.
substrate- ADA AS amazonia(yay!!! my first AS)
hardscape- one large mountanous rock.
Fauna- ELB, black shrimp, oto maybe.
flora- blyxa or Val. nana, HC and or elatine, rotala wallichi, maybe riccia dwarf.
ferts- Not gregg watson, but REX GRIGG!!!

Anything else?

if not, pics.




Aquasoil should be here tommorrow or wedsnday, hopefully.
endlers should be here thursday, but will be temporarily housed in an old 10 until this is good and safe, then after a few weeks of endler joy, i'll add some shrimp.
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Here's an i dea of what i'm Trying to do -something like this

l like this rock.

This one's a bit too bright

these are nice too
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Hey Dufus,

Looking forward to seeing your tank! What fish are in those tanks? The first looks like rummy nosed tetras, then cardinal/neon tetras, and the next 2 I'm unsure of. The reason I ask is that I have that same tank and I want small fish like those to make the tank look bigger, and also so the fish will live more comfortably. But I read that those tetras can get up to 2 inches or more. How come in all the ADA tanks they look so small? Do they only use non-mature fish and then move them out when they get too big?
*NOTE TO SELF: Now I know where to send the bill for a full line of ADA products.*
Sorry, forgot to credit.
those are all from the AFA gallery.
they were just to show what kind of rock i want to use.

Volatile: the 2nd tank looks like cards, the rest are rasboras i belive.
the micro raboras are small fish.

Anne: oops.....maybe i should fix that picture?
Oh yea, i added some FW copepods/scuds from a koi pond, just to see them better. i think i'll keep them though, because 1- the endlers can't eat them, 2- i'll never see them, so it doesn't matter i geuss.
Geuss what arrived today?
I love it already!!!
for those of ou who don't know what it looks like, the grain size is shown in these pics.

Oh, and apparently, contrary to popular beleif, the aquasoil and book do not come arranged all fancy like this, it's a DIY thing i geuss.


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ooooh the real fun begins! what kinda rocks have you picked up for this?
Have you tried the Rex Grigg ferts before? I'm contemplating picking up some myself as well...
Spypet: I actually haven't found any yet, i need to get my lazy self down to the rockyards.

volatile: I just started dosing them in my 55, If i were you, i'd go for it.
I'm gonna just take a little container of each one for this tank.
the ada style guide 2006 is the single best thing an apspiring scaper could ask for (short of takashi amano being your uncle :D aww man that would be sweet)
ea, i aggree., that thing was badass.

ANyway, got her all set up, found some sandstone like rocks at work, we'll see how it works.

planted Hc, Blyxa japonica, and rotala wallichi, and i need to say, if this aquasoil grows plants as good as people say, it's the King of gravels, fo sho. It was a JOY to plant in!!!


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Dufus I know how you feel about the aquasoil. when my shipment of ADA prod. came from Aquaforrest it felt like Christmas in may lol. may I suggest putting the rock a litle off center.
Well, the rock may be replaced, not sure yet.
under any condition, th eonly time a hand is to go into the tank is when water changes are done, at least until the HC roots firmly, lol.

i know that symetry is a no no, but i think this may be some kind of exception, i like it here, but i see where it could go to the left.
Hey dufus,

If you are thinking of replacing the rock because you don't like the look, maybe you can try breaking it first. I'm interested to see the endler's and also how well the blyxa grows with those ferts because I'm considering that plant as well. Keep us updated dufus!
change the hardscape :)
Yea, im not sure i liek it much at all, i need to check a local rockyard, but i'm lazy.
Good start there dufus. Is that the HC I started you off with? If it is, I think it finally found its happy home.

As for some advice. I think this is a great idea.

, th eonly time a hand is to go into the tank is when water changes are done, at least until the HC roots firmly, lol.
The beauty of HC is when you get a nice mat. Add the excel and leave it alone. Give it about a month or 2 before you consider changing the hardscape. In otherwords, once you get a complete covering of the aqua soil, you can play with it.

You seem to have great starts, just the ADD takes hold and you tear down before something materializes.

Good luck
Ymzxer: no, this is a new patche, yours is very happy still in my redsea 1g, it doesn't grow fast because it's in inert sand.

i do love the constant growth of Hc, like anubias, it seems very durable once it gets started.

i hope this stuff grows fast in the Aquasoil, we'll see.

Yea, ADD has set in already, but i resisted the urges.
a journal is about the good and the bad, so........

it's bad,but i think i can overcome it, regardless, the Hc is growing, the blyxamelted, the rotala nasty looking.

i'm 2x dosing excel, holding off on the EI ferts for now.

i put endler fry and the shrimp in, but i took the fry out, still hunting for my shrimps.

i am actually changing the course of the tank, i decided i think i'll put my Fundulopanchax oeseri pair in here instead, my endlers get a ten gallon!!!
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