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2.5 gal cycling & plants?

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Hello all! :)

I recently bought a 2.5 gal tank with a 15 watt incandescent light and filter. I have no heater and don't plan to buy one for this tank.

So far I've given it a gravel bottom with some java moss and have put 3 ghost shrimp, a guppy, a danio and 3 white clouds to start my tanks cycle. When would it be appropriate to move these out? I don't want to shock them.

I will be moving the fish to my ten gallon I'm working on in a few days.

The question is, what plants would be suited for such low lighting and small space? Eventually, I plan to take what out grows the 2.5 and plant it in my ten gallon heated tank.

Thanks a ton!
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If you already have a tank that can house fish and shrimp, move them now. Do a fishless cycle so you don't needlessly harm livestock.

Ammonia and Nitrite are also toxic to invertebrates like shrimp - so they'll likely be killed in the process.

To answer your question about low-tech, small plants: just about any stem can be trimmed. All the Bacopas are nice, S. repens, Anubias nana 'Petite', Crypt parva.

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Oh boy.. If you don't have a tank that is cycled, don't put livestock in it.

Also.. The fish you picked out aren't at all compatible with one another. They need schools of fish of their own species.

Ten gallons isn't appropriate for danios either really.

Ghost shrimp are known to attack fish.

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