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This thread is for all the loose parts I have. Complete regulator builds will be in a separate thread later this week.

I've got [strike]5 sets[/strike] 1 set left of high quality USA-made Superior Products chromed CGA 320 inlets. The nipples and nuts are still in their manufacturer packaging. For 23 dollars shipped via FCM you get:
(x1) 2.5" Chromed CGA 320 nipple (no filter)
(x1) Chromed CGA 320 nut
(x1) CGA 320 nylon washer

(3 available) 700 micron inlet filters (for those who have steel tanks it will prevent rust and contaminants from getting into your system)- 3 dollars each
easy installation just push it into the inlet of the cga 320 nipple.

For those of you that've looked you know how hard it is to find these cheaply... and J & R welding sells the nut and nipple for 11 dollars each and shipping is 10 dollars.

Pictures and the rest of the stuff coming later today.
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