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2.5 Cherry tank scape question

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Hey all. I have had this tank set up since July and my cherries love it, but I want another plant to go on the left behind my driftwood. I also just got some flame moss that should arrive in a couple of days and I'm going to replace my java moss with the flame. Movin' up in the world : )

I have 18w above the tank and I dose .25 mL excel daily + 1mL at water changes. I keep the tank at 76~ degrees.

Any suggestions for behind the driftwood?

Thanks for looking!
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Some B.Japonica. It should fill in that corner nice, but it will require Co2 of somesort, like, DIY. It's easy to do.
This looks great as is, but as for behind the driftwood... hmm.

B. japonica does fine with just excel, but I don't think it would be tall enough for that placement. I'd suggest another small-medium leaved stem with some red in it to play off the Rotala, like a Bacopa or Ludwigia.

just an idea.

if you are planning on breeding you might need a finer holed sponge, sorry to bobard your thread just thought i should tell you.
I haven't lost many babies yet. HM is baby tears, right? I was thinking about that. As far as B. japonica goes, I would like to stay away from diy co2 and stick with the excel. Any other opinions?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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