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1x2x1 or 2x2 control configuration?

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The 4-bulb Tek light comes with two switches/power cords so you can use separate timers to control, I assume, two bulbs. Does anyone know whether it’s set up to control the two middle and two outside bulbs (like 1x2x1) or does it control the bulbs in pairs (like 2x2)? If it's a 2x2, are there any light fixtures that come with a 1x2x1 control configuration, which is what I'm looking for? Or will this have to be a DIY setup?

Suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.
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I believe 2 x 2. Almost all fixtures are like that.
If you have some decent electricity knowledge and DIY skills, you can switch around the wires and get it to be the way you want.
As I recall the Teks are set up to control the outer lights and the inner lights separately like you want.

Thanks Brian about the Tek light. Any other fixtures besides the Tek light that has this configuration? Just want to consider all options.

Tropicalfish, I don't trust myself with (re)wiring :redface: so I better stick with ready made fixture.
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