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1st Tank, 8Wks, not-so-freaked-out...

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So, after 8 wks of expecting a huge algae bloom,
NOTHING, except a couple of tiny patches o' GHA in the most intensely lit areas...

Thx, Diana, for stopping me w/ the nitrogen;:):thumbsup:

To All,
I got rid of the carbon after the water cleared up. I ran A/Carbon only 2 1/2 weeks...

Additions include a Crypt. Wendtii 'Red' ans some BL Chain-sword...

I''m replacing the Anacharis in favour of a new plant(Anacharis obviously dislikes Seachem Excel), any suggestions?

I just recv'd a couple of test kits, so more data to follow...

If I can get it, I'm thinking Apon. Crispus...

I've included my dosing/testing log, any comments appreciated...

I added some SubstratPRO to both my
power filters, plus 3-day change o' filter floss - no carbon...

8 gal H2O cap(10 gal aquarium)
dosing all Seachem products...


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So Far, So Good...?

I'm into my 8th week on this tank.

I'm already planning a 46 bowfront...So it goes...:fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish:

The 10g tank specs
18" Marineland Doublebright LED Fixture,
8w (believe it or not) OTT-lite desk lamp for supplementation
lights on 11 hrs.

I'm not sure if my setup falls into low or moderate lighting category...

2 power filters rated @ 100+g/hr, both with extra Eheim Substrat pro, no carbon, filter floss to polish the water in one...

Eco-Complete substrate

Dosing the full line of Seachem products, test and dosing log attached...

The inhabitants:

Anubias condensis
Wisteria difformis
Java fern
Dwf Hairgass
Crypt. 'wendtii', not sure of cultivar
Narrow and broadleaf Chain Swords

5 Neon Tetra
3 Harlequin Rasbora
2 Cory julii(may be false julii)
1 Otocinclus
1 'Serpentine' loach, l'm trying to figure out which one:icon_redf

A few questions:

I have to get up in the AM very early for work; how important is dosing at the same time every day?

I've learned you can split up the photoperiod for your light, i.e. 4hrs on, 4hrs off, 4hrs. on. Is this feasable?:icon_eek:

I've got a water volume of 8g - been dosing almost exactly as per Seachem's dose chart - less nitrogen, but pretty much as recommended, 3g W/Chg per week....Should I up/down the dosages?

What else should I be testing for?

Thanks in advance. All seems fine to me, just looking for tweaks...


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Awesome! Much better than my first tank by far.
Keep us updated with tons of photos.
I'm thinking about replacing the anacharis w/ something that's not so sensitive to Seachem Excel...Maybe Aponogeton crispus?
Nice setup you have going here, looks great for your first tank!!!! I remember my first tank, but that was 20+ years ago, and many setups ago!!!!
Thanks for the kind words!

I think I've gotten to the point w/ this tank that I can relax, instead of constant diligence. I lost an Otocinclus the same day I brought it home, but other than that, no losses.
Plants are getting rooted in, but I'm still uprooting them and re-arranging:)

I'm upping my dosages by 1/3, except for Excel and Nitrogen. I'll keep y'all updated...

BTW, I'm thinking I've blurred the line between low/high tech?
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