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1st planted tank open to advice

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Hello, first post and first planted tank. I've been a big fan of aquariums for awhile now and finally bought my first tank off a family friend.
  • 15G
  • topfin 20 filter
  • 50 watt heater
  • full spectrum Aqueon light
  • pool sand substrate
As for my tanks inhabitants
I've been doing a fish in tank cycle now for close to three weeks. Ammonia and nitrate has rarely been present ( my friend seeded my tank with some of his substrate I think this is why). After not getting much response from my plants I started dosing API leaf zone and CO2 booster and have already seen great progress. Another interesting note is that my harlequins have been doing dry runs like crazy. I will watch them do their little belly dance for up to an hour sometime. Anyone else experience anything like this, or know how to make them not dry run? I think it would be really cool to get some harlequin fry. Anyway I will post some pictures now any advice or tips in the comments would be great. Excited to be a part of the forum :D.


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That's a really nice start!

I'd recommend (when it runs out) replacing the leaf zone with either Flourish Comprehensive or even getting some ferts from forum members. While I'm not a fert expert, I know that leaf zone only has a couple of the many nutrients that plants want and it's very watered down. I just got some from Nilocg. Look in the for sale section and he has a Back in Black post and I got the first item listed. There are also liquid fertz down the page that you mix yourself with filtered water and I can say that it's way better than leaf zone. Since you have low light plants I'd suggest using half of the recommended dose of fertz bought from forum members.

The light looks ok for the plants you bought. if you get higher light plants, then you can look maybe into an LED fixture like the planted+ by finnex. I personally think it'd do well on your tank since it's so tall. Light will be low at your substrate as it is.

I worry about the rasboras and your betta. I'd just watch for fin nipping. I know rasboras aren't as bad as tetras, but ever fish is different.

Other than that, I think you're off to a great start.

My advise is advise, and not meant to be taken as a professional opinion. I'm still new but hope this helps.
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Thanks! ferts are actually something I was really unsure of so just kind of went with the most basic thing. I noticed looking around though that leaf zone was missing out on a lot of things other products were offering. I chose the Rasboras because ive read they play nice with most fish and are very mellow deff going to be keeping a close eye on their interactions.
Yeah as far as the ferts go, Seachem Comprehensive is great for something like what you have. If you start feeling frisky, set up an automated co2 rig (at the correct amounts) and you'll see those plants really take off.
I have a friend who is really into this stuff. He has a 40g that's about a year old with its current setup. When he gets home from college hes going to play around with co2 might try and learn a bit from him about it.
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