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Hey everyone,

I'm planning to order from Bev at The Amazon Basement, in a few weeks. The tentative delivery date will be Oct 21st. Let me know if you are interested in combining shipping, and cheers for starting this discussion!
The fun stuff:
I will receive the box at my apartment in Park slope, bk. I will put the entire transaction on my credit card: you can pay for your fish however you want to, in any form by the 18th, plus 10 dollars for shipping. Shipping will be evenly divided in relation to your total percentage of the purchase(ie: you buy 35 dollars worth of fish in a 100 dollar order, you pay 35% of shipping.) Any difference in the actual shipping cost will be adjusted upon pickup of your fish. I will be at home all day, so you can pick up at any time. I would consider acclimating the fish to my tank water in a separate container, or floating the bag until you get there, if that's something you'd like. If there are any DOAs, that following shipping charge will be the responsibility of that person.

I'm up for any suggestions on these thoughts, I just thought that it might be helpful for someone to throw some ideas out there re: logistics. And if nobody is interested, that's ok, too.

talk to you soon,
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