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1st attempt at a planted tank 20 gal

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Hi all this is my newly planted tank it is only 2 days old. I would like any helpfull comments. The wisteria will be going soon and java moss will be added to eather the rocks or wood. Also in the back left side out or the photo is 1 onion plant and a amazon sword. Thanks
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Good start. Post some info about your hardware!

Word of warning about the Amazon Sword: they get extremely large.
Welcome to TPT. Good start looks way better than my 1st tank. I like the dark colored rock i would go with more of them and do away with the other rocks of different colors.
Thanks the tank is 20 gallons with a aquaclear 50 hob filter . Lighting is 2-26 watt cfls on a timer for 11 hrs with a moonlight for 2 hrs and flourish excel.
1x red tiger lotus
1x amazon sword
1x onion plant
8x italian val
micro sword

5x neon tetra for now planing on 20 total
soon 10-15 rcs
soon 3-4 olive nerite snails
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Is the main substrate flourite? IMO you should remove the large white pebbles and attach some moss to your driftwood.

Nice start though :proud:
yes the substrate is flourite. The moss is on the way that was a question I had was moss on the wood or rocks. The rocks are not as white as they look if I was to remove them what would be the best way to do that without disturbing the plants?
if I was to remove them what would be the best way to do that without disturbing the plants?
pick them out by hand, you can use a net to scoop them out in between the plants but its primarily going to be hand picking if you want them removed.
ok besids the rocks I want neons ,cherry red shrimp and olive nerite snails. How many can I have of each in my 20 gal safely ? I would like the neons to school ?
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