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Hi everyone!

I have an Exo-Terra terrarium (45cm x 45cm x 60cm) or (18in x 18in x 24in). I have not used it for at least two years. I want to recreate a landscape for tropical epiphytic plants. The only animal species I will introduce in this tank are isopods and springtails.

After spending a few days searching and buying stuff for my terrarium, I can now start the working phase.

Here is what I bought:
  • Cork panels to cover the three sides.
  • Cork panels with bark appearance.
  • Clay balls for drainage.
  • LED lamp.
  • Branches
  • Plantation soil for the ground cover.
  • Forest moss: I bought this but still don't know what to do with it. Any idea?
  • Dead spagnum mosses: Should I use it?
  • Silicone and foam expanser (I really don't know how you call this foam in english).
  • Two small glasses to replace the screen at the top and increase humidity.
  • Black contact paper to cover the outside of the left and right glasses.
  • Geotextile membrane to separate the plantation soil mix from the clay balls.
  • Forest bark to mix with the coco fiber and create a natural looking soil.
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So a few days ago, I removed the screens from the lid of my tank. The glasses should be glued with silicone in a few days.

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I then glued cork panels on three sides with silicon. I bought more silicon and an expanser foam (I really don't know if it´s how tou call it in english). I will glue my branches and cork bark pieces with the expanser foam and cover the silicon and the foam with coco fibers to make it look more natural. Right now, I am trying to dry some coco fibers before beginning with the silicon job.

Today, I went to have two little glasses cut to replace the cover of my tank and provide more humidity for my plants (I will finally not have dart frogs in this tank. Maybe on thext one).
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Here I am now with my terrarium. Yesterday, I glued my three branches together with yellow great stuff and try to hide the great stuff with coco fibers. It worked to a certain point. I need to find a way to hide this ugly yellow. Any ideas?

I still have to glue a few cork bark panels that will increase the overall look and make it more natural looking.

What do you think?

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