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180 Lighting

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Ok i am currently building a 180. I have been looking at this

I have LEDs on my reef tank and love them but i am not sure this will be enough for a Medium light tank. Also been thinking of T5 like this|1&facetInfo=|1&facetInfo=

Which do you guys think is my best option. I have also looked at Buildmyled and they are way out of budget for me considering they recommended 2 fixtures at like $400 a pop i just can't justify that expense as compaired to RapidLED that i could add more LEDs to the system as $$ and need arises.
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If you are on a budget and want powerful led lighting then maybe do a simple multi chip build? It´s fun if you are into building stuff... Just find some old computer heatsinks and ad driver + leds and go from there.

My plants are bubbling away nicely under simple cheap cold white leds.

Edit: Will it be open top?
No it will have a canopy
No it will have a canopy
That makes electronics/heatsinks easier to hide.
Ok do you think that RapidLED fixures will be enough for a Med lighted tank?

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For medium light I'd say I've had good results with my 48" Diamond Plate T8 fixtures from Home Depot. However you'll want something that goes to the ends of your tank or you'll have highly varying PAR throughout the tank.

While it will be expensive, I think most will say two 72" LED fixtures will end up being your best bet.
Unfortunately, good LEDs will cost you either way you look at it. Finnex is still a very affordable option but you'll need two (or four 36") fixtures to get med light at a height of 24". Not sure how deep your tank is, assuming it's the standard 72x24x24. But that's still expensive too.
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