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180 gallon with stand? What is a used one worth?

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I found a 180 acrylic with just a stand, nothing else in my area. He wants 650. I think since it comes with nothing else thats a bit high. thoughts?
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What's the condition of it? If it has little to minor scratches with a nice quality stand that has plenty of storage and space, I'd highly consider it. It's not everyday that you see a 180 made of acrylic.

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said there are some scratches but nothing major. Has no idea how old it is because he bought it used.
Be sure to check for chips or anything like that on the edges as they could be fatal in the long term. If its nothing major and you don't mind a few scratches then I would go for it.

Try $600 with him. Generally CL people overprice things from what I've seen.

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He just told me he paid 500 last year so wants to get more then the back? Didnt know tanks go up in value... :bounce:
Use that as your argument. He used it another year so the least he can do is sell for the same price

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Check for crazing, cloudiness and light spots [bubbles] in the seams. Don't accept any cracking in the top brace. Acrylic gets cloudy and you cannot polish it away like you can scratches. Would be difficult to tell the difference between normal mineral build up and cloudiness but perhaps comparing the ends to the viewing panes would show a difference, it does in my ancient tank.

If the acrylic is 3/8" thick then it isn't worth as much. I can get a brand new 180 for $800 [no stand] that is probably 3/8" thick.
He never wrote me back, going to keep looking. From the picture I could not tell if it was just dirty water or the tank really needs buffed. I'm really wanting one that is drilled with over flows with a canopy. Figured if this one was cheap enough I could get the canopy later. Oh well. :)

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That would be too high for me in my area. Local results will vary.
I have to agree. I had offered $500, but lucky he declined, I think it's too much anyway now that I think about it. If it had a canopy at least it would be worth that much, but not for ONLY the tank and stand.
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