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180 gallon tank drilled what to do?

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I have 180 gallon aquarium that have two drilled holes was for a salt/reef tank. I wanted to use it as a freshwater tank. I need to know a few things so I don't waste cash. Here is my equipment I'm using, 2 aqua clear 110 500gph=1000gph
60 gallon tank DIY sump, with a return pump rated at 1500 gph at four feet. Heater and light. Not gonna grow live plants so cheap lighting.
Stock list, 8 angelfish, 10 discus, 20tetra (10serpae,10 rummy reds),12 Cory (6emeralds, 6Swartz)
1.) would I do the sump the same as a marine tank without a skimmer?
2.) 2500 too much gph?
3.) am I over stocked?
4.) if not anything I could add?
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