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180 gallon planted tank February 9, 2007

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Well tell what you have going there ie equipment, etc.
Nice! Overall I really like the tank.

If you don't mind me saying, I don't like how uniform the front row of plants appears. And the relation to the wood gives the appearance of a hedge around the front of a yard. But it's a small gripe and I really like the tank!
Nice work!
Nice work I love the tank. Its really amazing.
Is that anacharis in the right back side? If so that's one of the best arrangements of that plant I've seen. I hope I can do something similar with mine!
I like your tank!
The hm looks like it's growing in a rectangle! Are you a military officer and you control your plants' growth?
Casty, I think the plant you are inquiring about is Rotala Indica.

Fishman, tank looks excellent. I especially like the effect the background has on the overall scape.
Thanks for all of the kind comments! The plant in the far right is Ammania senegalensis (allegedly). The plant just to the left of the stump is R. indica.

To give a few details:

DIY Concrete background-picture below of empty tank.
Here are the directions-

Eco-complete gravel
706 Watts of PC lighting (5500K)
2 x 250W heaters with substrate heater
Pressurized CO2 system with pH controller
Turbotwist 12X UV Sterilizer
2 x Magnum HOT (soon to be upgraded)

Onion Plants
Giant Hygro
Apon. ulvaceous
Apon. crispus
Baby Tears
Rotala macrandra
Green Tiger Lotus
Red Tiger Lotus
Crypt. wendtii 'green'
Crypt. wendtii 'red'
Crypt. petchii
Crypt. lutea
Ammania senegalensis
Rotala indica
Java fern
Red Temple

45 Cardinals
3 Roselines
2 New Guinea Rainbows
3 Glass Bloodfins
8 Espei Rasboras
12 Rummy Nose Tetras
15 Asst Corydoras
15 Otocinclus affinis
1 Glypto. joselemani pleco
5 Red Tail Hemiodus
1 Wild Scalare Angel
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All I can say is WOW!!!!:icon_eek: Beautiful looking tank! Great Job!!
all I can say is wow to. that one amazing tank.
Awesome dutch style tank!! Don't see too many nice ones over here!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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