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18" Tall Glass Manzanita Vase

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Hello. I'm new to forum after being a long time watcher. I keep mostly small nano tanks as of right now. I'm still quite new to aquascaping. Tips are appreciated.

I'm currently setting up a 2.25 gallon tall glass vase for some shrimp after being inspired by this thread:

I need some advice on plants and lighting. I need a light to keep some low to medium light plants healthy. Not really looking for growth, but just to keep them alive and happy. I think I may add one more branch for some moss.

Glass Vase - 18" deep/tall and 8.5" across.

Elite Mini

Potential plants I'm debating: I think I want a tall plant that won't take up a lot of room.
Moss (weeping?) for the wood.

For sure...
Anubias nana
Java fern
Maybe Bacopa.


I'm looking at this light on ebay:
[Ebay Link Removed]

or some sort of desk lamp from Ikea might work, which is what I am using currently.
JANSJÖ Work lamp - IKEA

This is where I'm at right now. It's not much to look at.

Suggestions are appreciated. Cheers!
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that looks like a decent start. i suggest moving the powerhead behind that DW, add some leaves on the bottom, switch out for less white rocks (maybe a diff color), add moss along the DW, and add one or more twigs in there (similarly placed as the big DW) that have very thin branches to contrast that one thick DW piece. should look great.

also use rocks of diff sizes, not just large and small, get some medium ones in there, but use a color that is somewhat similar to the substrate and the leaves you will be using.

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I got some pretty nice plants going in this 2-gallon glass vase.

What are those planted in? They look like little candle holders.

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55 degrees indoors is crazy low. That is considered cold enough to put small children or the elderly into hypothermia.
I wouldn't invest in a heater for a vase aquarium, I would invest in a heater for your house!

That being said, aquatic mosses love cooler water, I would incorporate that into your vase. I would also say the manzanita might look more natural if flipped around- the thicker part submersed, the thinner branches climbing up out of the water.

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IMO it looks plenty natural right now if much skinnier branches are placed among that thicker branch. in the wild, branches fall into the water every-which way lol. plus right now it looks like the OP wants to mimic some roots or something.
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